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01:55 PM puppet-icinga2-rewrite Feature #14031 (New): Workaround for PuppetDB
I was hit by an ugly bug of PuppetDB: https://tickets.puppetlabs.com/browse/PDB-170
It effects exported resources co...


05:45 PM Director Feature #13983 (New): Add modifier "first / last of array" to import
An modifier to get the first or last element of an array would be helpful. For now you have to use at least two modif...
05:40 PM Director Bug #13981 (New): Uppercase Modifier does leave umlaut in lowercase
Uppercase Modifier does leave umlaut in lowercase, perhaps also other special characters, but only recognized with th...
04:34 PM Director Feature #13977 (Resolved): Show also fields created by modifiers in selection for source column o...
At the moment you can only use fields created by modifiers by using the export mode, but get them directly as selecti...


02:41 PM Icinga 2 Feature #13717 (New): Global Functions in ITL
I think there would be some advantages from collecting also community provided global functions in the ITL (like plug...


12:31 PM Director Feature #12616: Add modifier capitalize to import
I think chaining these modifiers will work, but having only one is more user friendly.
If you could add this, I woul...


12:48 PM Icinga Web 2 Revision e6cce083 (icingaweb2): Add SELinux policy
Signed-off-by: Eric Lippmann <eric.lippmann@icinga.com>
refs #8270


12:55 PM Graphite Feature #13481: Allow more and custom timeranges
Yes, defining them in a way like this on your own would be nice, but also the additional custom timerange for ad hoc ...
11:50 AM Graphite Feature #11927: Show All Graphs + Time Range
I support this request as showing all graphs would also allow to view graphs for metrics collected by other tools.
11:46 AM Graphite Feature #13481 (New): Allow more and custom timeranges
I would like to have more possible time ranges to select from and also perhaps set a custom timerange in the Graphite...

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