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06:31 PM Docs Revision 3600ec1e: Docs #6814: fixed prev/next arrangement
05:51 PM Docs Revision 59eff67c: Docs #6814: Deletion of formatting tags


01:51 PM Docs Feature #6814: convert existing docbook to markdown
Branch markdown, initial conversion - commit 975ae987c99555819fd47f3223124cf178ae2f22
01:46 PM Docs Revision 975ae987: Docs: markdown - initial conversion
12:53 PM Docs Bug #9555 (Resolved): Error in icingaweb documentation
Fixed in master, commit 93f7a9a6973d335c887d93f7acc540ec07234977.
11:48 AM Docs Revision 93f7a9a6: Merge branch 'master' of git.icinga.org:icinga-doc
11:44 AM Docs Revision e01034fd: Docs: Issue 9555 - desc of logging.xml erroneous
11:07 AM Docs Bug #9555 (Assigned): Error in icingaweb documentation


09:15 PM Docs Bug #9818 (Assigned): status.dat gets lost when filesystem is too small for two copies of that file
I'll try to fix that soon.


01:26 PM Docs Bug #8376 (Closed): Update documentation for the SCHEDULE_HOST_SVC_DOWNTIME command
Fixed in support/1.12, commit 7fcffe20712c6a5c6c093c11aa402b388394fe31.

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