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05:30 PM Director Revision e4dbdbe8 (icingaweb2-module-director): Kickstart: unify strings
05:29 PM Director Revision 7b6de717 (icingaweb2-module-director): locale/de_DE: compile new German translation
05:29 PM Director Revision fd3bb68d (icingaweb2-module-director): locale: translate recent additions to de_DE
12:45 PM Icinga Web 2 Bug #14029 (New): translation should report failures
To reproduce this just try to refresh a catalog with a user lacking write permissions. No error is shown, no refresh ...
12:43 PM Icinga Web 2 Bug #14027 (New): translation should not write absolute path to .po files
Currently when working with multiple people doing translations for the same module, you end up with a huuuuge GIT com...
12:39 PM Icinga Web 2 Bug #14025 (New): translation module should remove temp files
msgmerge leaves temp files behind, per default postfixed with ~. They should be removed after a translation operation...
11:41 AM Director Revision bc67f603 (icingaweb2-module-director): KickstartDashlet: extend description
11:39 AM Director Revision dd506cd5 (icingaweb2-module-director): Changelog: mention infrastructure-related changes
11:01 AM Director Revision b26b209b (icingaweb2-module-director): KickstartController: do not fail on missing schema
10:57 AM Director Revision 303e107f (icingaweb2-module-director): README: replace main screen once again... match latest dashboard changes

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