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07:33 PM Icinga Tools Revision cf33f69e (icinga-vagrant): icinga2x-graylog: Update to Graylog 1.2 and ES 1.7


12:04 PM Icinga 2 Feature #9858: Gelf module: expose 'perfdata' fields for 'CHECK_RESULT' events
Thanks for the heads-up and the pull request. I will talk to my colleague Marius who wrote the initial GELF support a...


01:59 PM Icinga Tools Revision 0f1de521 (icinga-vagrant): icinga2x-graylog2: Update Graylog to 1.1.6 and use CentOS 7 p...
01:13 PM Icinga Tools Revision 89841842 (icinga-vagrant): icinga2x-graylog2: Use less memory for ES and Graylog
This helps to not overload the 1gb VM.
12:43 PM Icinga Tools Bug #9846 (Feedback): icinga2x-graylog2:graylog2-host flag needs an argument: -stream
I was unable to reproduce this unfortunately. (with commit ff0f2a3) The custom variable is not used because the strea...
12:36 PM Icinga Tools Revision 6e14e527 (icinga-vagrant): icinga2x-graylog2: Fix Graylog URL in
12:36 PM Icinga Tools Revision 27f5c569 (icinga-vagrant): Fix Graylog URL in README
12:35 PM Icinga Tools Revision 780481a0 (icinga-vagrant): Fix typo in graylog2-demo.conf.erb in modules/icinga2


04:56 PM Icinga Tools Revision 092dbd23 (icinga-vagrant): icinga2x-graylog2: Fix typo in README.


08:36 AM Icinga Tools Revision 51001dd5 (icinga-vagrant): icinga2x-graylog2: Update to graylog2 puppet module 1.0 again.
This got reverted in commit 6de6481 by accident.

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