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11:56 AM Web Feature #1279 (Rejected): Security Options for PNP Integration
Currently the PNP Integration in Icinga does not have any security checking. If you know the URL to any PNP Chart, yo...


10:16 AM Web Bug #824 (Resolved): App.kit is not filtering everything
Hi all
The demo let's me alter the language preferences to an unknown language.


02:50 PM Docs Bug #756 (Closed): alias for the js-libraries missing in icinga-web documentation
Subject: little Bug in icinga-web documentation
Date: Mon, 30 Aug 2010 12:11:47 +0000
To: info@icinga.org
From: Jo...


07:54 AM Web Feature #699 (Closed): Make Host data visible
Currently, there is no easy way to display data from a host like the IP address. In almost all views you can display ...


11:04 PM Web Feature #305 (Resolved): Make all objects accessible by URL
This is an issue that came up from someone through twitter. They need to remote control their web frontend. In Nagios...


12:18 PM Core, Classic UI, IDOUtils Feature #270 (Resolved): Patch for Extension of Escalation Condition
* This patch extends the nagios escalation functi...


05:53 PM Core, Classic UI, IDOUtils Bug #112: Icinga does not include logfiles from archive
Ah, missed that. So we can delete this ticket?
05:32 PM Core, Classic UI, IDOUtils Bug #112 (Closed): Icinga does not include logfiles from archive
Reported on the Mailing List:
On my system Icinga creates logfiles (daily rotation) with the name


11:12 AM Web Feature #99 (Closed): Integrate "Open problems" in Icinga left navigation frame
I propose to integrate a new button "Open Problems" below or above "Service Problems" This link will show not all exi...


12:04 AM Core, Classic UI, IDOUtils Bug #79 (Resolved): Change old favicon to Icinga
In Icinga 0.7 there is still the old favicon visible. It needs to be replaced.
This is the location from the html ...

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